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London’s Cuts March Tainted By Violence

Violence that continued late into last night overshadowed London’s massive anti-government cuts demonstrations.


Which sources are given priority (e.g. who is interviewed and where?)

This clip focuses its attention on the events that took place after the peaceful daytime demonstration by between 400,000 and 500,000 teachers, nurses, fire-fighters, other public sector employees, students, pensioners and campaign groups. In my opinion, the priority is given to the activists and supporters from the UK Uncut group because they did not want to take away from the peaceful events that took place earlier and also because the media knows that violence will sell better than peace and Sky News being a commercial broadcaster is out to generate revenue.

Which explanations are given priority (such as headlines?)

Many protesters occupied ‘Iconic Landmarks’ like Trafalgar Square, some threw missiles and damaged the Olympic clock within the square while hundreds attacked The Ritz hotel with paint and smoke-bombs.

Others targeted companies associated with tax avoidance were also destroyed. The campaign group UK Uncut forced themselves into Fortnum and Mason because they claimed it dodged millions of pounds in tax. These campaigners also occupied Topshop, Vodafone, Boots and BHS stores and HSBC and Santander Banks for the same reason.

Does the story sequence produce certain meanings?

The sequence at the start of the piece makes out the demonstration that look place early in the day has turned into these scenes of violence and destruction. Only when the reporter speaks do the actual meanings take shape. If someone had only glanced at this they would not have gotten the whole picture.

The sequences also make it out that this was being done by thousands of people, when the reality is that only a minority took part in this and many of them seemed to be acting in front of the camera, which is most evident when the man tries to break the window of the Porsche dealership by kicking it.

What terms of reference (language) are used to describe or label the participants and their actions?

“These radical groups have been condemned for their actions.”

“The day has been marred by some criminal acts.”

“Cowardly acts of criminality.”

“Many of these protestors are unrepentant believing direct action is justified.”

“Violence is the only real way to get the message across.”

The language used is mostly neutral when the reporter is describing and reporting on the incident. When the police officer is being interviewed the language changes to a much more ‘condemning’ tone. He speaks of what happened as “Cowardly acts of criminality”, thus describing the actions of the masked groups as being too afraid to try and deal with what’s going on in a responsible way.

The man who is interviewed says “Violence isn’t right but it’s the only real way to get the message across.” He both condemns and justifies the actions going on.

What point of view is produced by the camera shots?

As the camera is handheld in amongst the action, it gives a first person point of view. It is made to seem like the viewer is there taking part of the events and forces an emotional reaction from them. There are a few top down shots which are used to establish the location and the amount of people there.


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